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Congratulations! You're An "ACTIVE" eXp Agent!
Make sure you follow each step below to assure you have ALL the #teamCRSS benefits!!

Step 1: Introduction

Now that you are ACTIVE with eXp Realty, it's time to let the world know! Please send the following items to your sponsoring agent so they can introduce you to the world!

​ Headshot/ Photo - Send a few fun/professional photos to choose from

 "​Your story" - We will use your story to introduce you, so have fun with it! Who are you? Where did you come from (location, past careers, anything) Why did you choose eXp Realty?

Step 2: Join our Facebook Groups

To make sure you are aware of additional training, resources, and live events, make sure you've joined our private Facebook groups!

*It is the sponsors responsibility to add you to the Facebook groups.
If you don't have access yet, please ask your sponsor to invite you.


This is a PRIVATE group exclusive to #teamCRSS ONLY!
Your request to join the group must be approved by a group admin before you have access to the group.

Step 3: #teamCRSS Training Calendar

Add the #teamCRSS & eXp Training Calendars to your personal calendar so all the weekly #teamCRSS and eXp trainings will be accessible from your own calendar with just 1 click!

Step 4: #teamCRSS Google Drive 📁

Add the #teamCRSS Google Drive folder to your Google Drive so all the #teamCRSS resources will be accessible from your own Google Drive with just 1 click!

Step 5: What's Next?

FREE On Demand Training for ALL #teamCRSS Agents

Everyone in #teamCRSS gets access to... for FREE!

Learn How We Help You Create A Sustainable,
Scalable & Relevant Real Estate Business.

Every eXp agent has access to the eXp University.
Click the image above to access eXp University!

Step 6: What's Next?

You just signed into a million different platforms, so how do you keep it all straight?

Bookmark & Print Checklist


You have access to all the #teamCRSS!

Now that you have access to ALL the #teamCRSS tools, it's time to get to work!
Where should you start?

Create your Business Plan.

First 90 Days of Real Estate Checklist: follow it step-by-step to get started with eXp, #teamCRSS and to setup your business for success! You'll have everything Curt used to run his business!

#teamCRSS Weekly Trainings: Make sure to attend ALL the weekly #teamCRSS trainings so you get to know who your business partners are. Every training is listed on the #teamCRSS Calendar with the zoom links included.

State Broker Orientation: Attend your State Broker's New Agent Orientation to learn who your State leadership team is.

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